photo© Danilo Moroni

"Visceral, beautiful, subversive and truthful. Bodies don’t lie, our minds trick us all the time especially when fear of intimacy’s involved. Pierre & Baby’s achilles is a brave, timely and universal piece of work that anyone gay, straight or indifferent can relate to; it works on so many different levels and stays with you."


In-Sook Chappell, Writer & Director 

“Influenced by the likes of Wolfgang Tillmans, these clubby benders capture the nightlife zeitgeist with their multi-media visual theatre dance mash-up." 


 Simon Casson, Producer, Duckie

"Programme 7 of Resolution 2018 brought together three contrasting pieces with one thing in common: all sought to explore facets of human behaviour."

"The final piece of the evening started with an image straight out of an Italian baroque painting. Lit from above so that their flesh became a luscious canvas of light and shadow, two men in satin shorts postured sensuously with deliberate effeminacy. Pierre & Baby’s achilles considered how dating apps affect what they describe as ‘queer experiences.’ Blending dancing and digital projections of themselves, the work focused on the physical body which the two men obsessively explored, caressed and exposed, as they went through rituals of meeting, connecting and breaking apart into another cycle of loneliness and longing. It’s an engaging piece that reaches well beyond a niche audience. Like the two preceding works, achilles amply demonstrates dance’s ability to ask questions relevant to all our lives."

Teresa Guerreiro, Dance Critic, Resolution Review

"The third piece of the evening seems to open onto a glimmering, prelapsarian Adam and Eve. Lights go up slowly onto their glitter-covered, bare-chested bodies, in a pair of shorts, Luke Bafico and Peter Babbage move elegantly through a series of poses. 'Achilles' subject matter is immediately relevant and hip. Edgy black and white photograph projections of the two dancers, contrasting their physical bodies points to the discrepancy between our virtual and physical identities."

Natalie Russett, Resolution Review


"February's Friday Late saw thousands of people and a flourishing of radical romance fill the museum, to explore the futurist ways in which technology, contemporary liberation struggles and cultural changes are reconfiguring the human pursuit and experience of love. Highlights included contemporary dance partners Pierre & Baby tussling with the platform-mediation of queer lust amid a dramatic sensory tech set-up in the Raphael Cartoons;" 


V&A Museum, Friday Late